Purpose of Fire Rated Doors
 Basically the purpose of fire rated doors use is just as like regular doors. The added advantage to it is to keep save the life and protect residue of buildings when under fire or smoke.
   Where they required
 Fire rated doors are manufactured for heavy duty use in commercial and industrial purpose. This product can also be used for high end residential applications such as apartments and hotels where higher levels of security, durability and sound restriction are required. These fire safety doors are manufacture with industry fire safety testing standard and advanced technologies. We use best quality and fire tested raw materials to manufacture the fire safety doors
  How do fire doors work
 A fire door is a door with a fire resistance rating used as part of an inactive fire protection system to reduce the spread of fire and smoke between separate compartments of a structure and to enable safe way out from a building or structure. We are specialized in fire rated steel door. Our product has a layer of rock wool crystal which plays an important part in achieving the fire door rating. When fire door is subjected to heat then this rock wool crystal layer acts as an insulator and prevents fire from spreading.  Our doors are certified to up to 196 minutes of fire & smoke resistance. Some also install heavy duty door closer as it helps to close the doors in case of fire and prevents fire from spreading. 

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